When I was a little boy, I would use my allowance money to buy notebooks, and I would write long stories  about love, happiness, sadness, vengeance, life, and death. I took inspiration from the very people in my life and their own experiences. My characters had rich stories. Their journeys were intricate, full of turning points, and new discoveries. The fact I used my imagination to write or create these stories didn't mean they weren't real. My stories were inspired by family and friends (real and imaginary). My curiosity to know more about their experiences and my willingness to imagine their future possibilities is really what wrote these stories. I knew then that my stories were not fictional, they were imaginative and hopeful. I started sharing these stories with some people and the rest is history. Years later, I come to reconnect with my imagination and the recreation of stories in my practice as a Narrative therapist. I thought I had left that part of me a long time ago, but who would have known that it is this part of me what helps me help others live the best possible version of their lives. I never knew I could be a therapist and a creative story-teller concurrently.

This section of my website is dedicated to the written word. Although not as creative as my story-telling, still full of possibilities and hope. Welcome to my blog, I hope you find the information I share here helpful. I am happy to make myself available to discuss any of the ideas I write about. E-mail works best for this. Stay tuned for stories...

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